AbRail Rail Databases - Livery Codes (Revised May 2017)               

Code  Description

001   Yellow with Red bodyside band and numbered Toton No.1
002   RSS Grey with Black underframes & roof – D3575
003   Euro Cargo Rail - Light Grey with Euro Cargo Rail in Maroon lettering and EWS logos on cabsides.
004   Royal blue with Grey roof and NRM branding.
005   Dark Grey lower bodyside with Light Grey upper bodyside. Carries no number.
006   Cruise Saver Express - Blue with various advertising decals.
007   Green with Blue centre band and Malcolm Rail logos.
008   White with no numbers.009   All over Yellow.
009   Yellow with Potter Group branding.
010   All over Light Red with Yellow warning panels
011   Two tone Grey with Red LNWR branding.
012   As SB but with Black roof and Red & Yellow stripe.
013   Yellow and White with HNRC branding.
014   Blue with White cab roof.
015   Black with Lion & Wheel logos
016   Hope Construction - White and Purple
017   LNWR - Brown & White
018   Harry Beck - London Underground Tube Map design
019   London/London Transport Museum advertising livery.
020   Aggregate Industries - Blue and Light Green with AI and GBRf branding  
021   Silver with "Drax - Powering Tomorrow" branding
022   Blue with Grey roof panels & sole bar 
023   Visit Plymouth advertising livery
024   BR Blue with Grey roof and Yellow cab sides
025   As 020 but with "sustainable solutions" branding  
026   Springboard livery - Light Blue with promotional vinyls
027   Freightliner - Bardon Aggregates Blue with Powerhaul brandings
028   DRS Anniversary (as DRV but with "25 Years of Direct Rail Services" branding
029   Creative Logistics - Blue and Green.
030   Mendip Rail - BR Blue with Mendip Rail (MRL)branding. 
031   Bristol European Green Capital - Light Green with White front and Blue cabsides
032   Continental Railway Solution - Red with Yellow CRS branding
033   Northern Rail - Evolution - Blue
034   National Railway Museum 40th Anniversary
Freightliner/Shanks Waste Solutions livery
036   GBRf/HNRail - Blue with Yellow lettering
037   Scottish 37 Group
038   Arriva Traincare - Blue with Arriva Traincare branding
039   Europhoenix - Plain Blue with Europhoenix logo on cab
040   Intercity 125 original - Blue and Grey with Yellow cab roof and lower stripe.
041   Cotswold Rail Class 120 - Blue with Silver stripe

042   90 Glorious Years - Blue/Red/Gold
043   Europorte Silver and Blue.
044   British Transport Police livery.
045   Scotrail - Locomotives - Black & Grey with Blue stripe & Scotrail branding.
046   YIWU -LONDON - as DBS with YIWU-LONDON decals
047   Scotrail - Blue with Grey doors.
048   as VWC with Manchester Longsight 175 years branding.
049   as VEC with Time to Change - Employee Pledge branding.
050   Old Oak Common Open Day livery
051   Great Western Railway commemoration livery
052   Orange with "Biffa" branding
053   Red with Schenker branding
054   ScotRail Class 365 - White with Blue doors and ScotRail branding
055   LNER Provisional branding, Red with White flash and LNER branding.

ADV   Advertising/Promotional Livery - Various Company Logos and Schemes.
AFS   Arlington Fleet Services - Green
AGA   Abellio Greater Anglia - White with Red doors and Black  window surrounds. Abellio branding.
AGI   Aggregate Industries - Bright Blue upper body/Green lower body with Silver centre band, AI branding and small yellow front panel.
ANG   Abellio Greater Anglia - White with Black window surrounds and Dark Blue doors.
ANN   Abellio Greater Anglia - Turquoise/White with Greater Abellio branding.
ASR   Abellio ScotRail - Dark Blue with White/Pale Blue small circles design. Scottish Saltire and ScotRail - Scotland's Railway
. Light Blue doors of LHCS.        
ATB   Arriva Trains Wales - Plain Blue (Class 67)
ATE   Arriva Trains Wales - Revised - Dark Blue with Light Blue centre section and White Arriva branding and Light Blue Doors.
ATT   Arriva Trains Wales - DMU -  Turquoise ends with Dark Turquoise centre section, Powder Blue doors and  White Arriva/Welsh  
Government branding.
ATW   Arriva Trains - Turquoise Blue with White swirl at driving ends and Pale Blue doors. Arriva branding. (no swirl on LHCS)
AWG   Abellio Greater Anglia - EMU - White upper body/Grey lower body with Red central stripe. Grey Doors
AWT   Abellio Greater Anglia - Class 90 - White with Dark Grey Doors and broad Black upper panel and Abellio Greater Anglia branding.
      DMU & LHCS - White with Red Doors and Abellio Greater Anglia branding.
AXC   Arriva Cross Country - Two Tone Silver base with Plum unit ends, Pink doors & Black window surrounds. Cross Country branding.
AZU   LNER Azuma - White with with Red window surrounds  
BBM   Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Mainly blue/silver with various illustrations.
BEL   Belmond Northern Belle - Crimson Lake & Cream, lined out in Gold.
BLD   Dark Blue body with Grey cab and numbered H024.
BLG*  BR - Blue & Grey lined out in White. as BLG but with Grey doors
BLK   Black.
BLL   BR Revised - Blue with Yellow cabs, Grey roof, large numbers and full bodyside height BR Logos.
BLN   ScotRail - Blue with "A New Era" vinyls
BLU   All over Blue
BPM*  Blue Pullman - Nanking Blue with White window surrounds (overall Blue for locos).
BRD*  BR - Departmental - Plain Dark Grey with Black cab doors and window surrounds.  
BRT*  BR - Trainload Freight - Two Tone Grey with Grey cab roof and Black cab doors. 
BUL   BZK Bulgaria - Grey with Red cabs & Bulmarket branding 
BZK   BZK Bulgaria - Green and Yellow with Red BZK logo and branding.
c2c   c2c - White & Black with Dark Blue doors (with Yellow panels).
CAP   Captrain -  Black with Yellow roofline and Captrain branding.
CAS   Caledonian Sleeper - Dark Blue
CAR   BR - Carmine & Cream lined out in Black & Straw. (Blood & Custard).
CAS   Caledonian Sleeper - All over Midnight Teal. (* with Highland Stag branding)
CAT   Caledonian Sleeper - LHCS - Midnight Teal with Light White doors and CALEDONIAN SLEEPER & Stag branding
CHC   BR or GWR - Chocolate & Cream lined out in Gold.
CEL   Celsa Steel Cardiff - Black with Orange cab.  
CEM   CEMEX  - White with Blue roof, Blue & Red bands, GBRf and Cemex branding
CIV*  BR - Civil Engineers - Falcon Grey lower bodysides & Yellow upper bodysides - Dutch Livery with Black cab  doors.
CLA   Crimson Lake
COL   Colas Rail (Seco-Rail) France – Lime Green, Orange and Black with Colas Rail branding.
CON*  EWS European - Continental Rail - Blue with Yellow lower body stripe and Grey roof.    
COR   Corus - Silver Grey with Red Corus Logos and branding.
CRM   Chiltern Railways - Two-tone Grey (Class 67 & DVT)
CRW   Chiltern Railways - Mainline - Silver with Slate Grey doors and window surrounds. Blue banding above and  below windows.
CRA   Chiltern Railways - Blue upper half, White lower half with Chiltern Railways by Arriva branding
CWR*  Cotswold Rail - Silver Grey with Blue roof, full Yellow ends & Red Cotswold Rail branding. 
DBA   DB Schenker - Company Train - Silver.
DBB   DB Schenker - All over Blue with DB logos
DBC   DB Cargo - DB Red with Grey roof & solebar
DBF   DB Cargo - as DBS and with "leading the next generation of Railfreight" branding
DBR   DB Schenker revised - EWS/EWZ but the EWS branding removed and DBS stickers applied.
DBS   DB Schenker - New - Verkehrsrot Red with Grey solebar and Roof. White DB Cargo branding.
DCA   Devon & Cornwall Railway - All over Grey with DCR branding
DCG   Devon & Cornwall Railway - Green with DCR and British American Railway Services branding.
DCM   Devon & Cornwall Railway - Metallic Silver with Light Grey lower band and DCRail branding.
DLL   MOD - Defence Logistics Organisation - Purple and White.
DRB   Direct Rail Services - (Basic) - Blue with White DRS decals. 
DRC   Direct Rail Services - (revised) - Deep Blue with Large Light Blue bodyside panel and Green DRS Compass logo branding.
(Light Blue doors on LHCS)
DRI   Direct Rail Services - (Revised) - Similar to DRV
DRP   Direct Rail Services - Deep Blue with small and Large DRS Logos
DRS*  Direct Rail Services - Deep Blue with Light Blue or Dark Grey roof & DRS branding. (LHCS with Light Blue horizontal stripes).
DRU   DRS - Blue (unbranded).
DRV   Direct Rail Services - (Vossloh locos) - Deep Blue with Large Light Blue bodyside panel and Green DRS Compass logo branding.
Compass includes old Cumbria map.
ECT*  East Coast - As NXE but with East Coast branding.
EMH   East Midland Trains - HST - Dark blue, Orange & Red
EMT   East Midlands Trains - Connect - Dark blue body with Yellow doors and Red and Orange 'swish' at driving ends.
ENT   Enron Teesside Operations - Trafalgar Blue with Red lower body stripe and ICI branding.
EPS   European Passenger Services - Two Tone Grey with Dark Blue roof & EPS Logos.
EPX   Europhoenix - Silver Grey with Phoenix logos.
ETC   Euro Cargo Rail - Maroon bodyside & roof with Zigzag Gold Stripe. Large numbers - Silver branding.
ETF   ETF France - Yellow with White roof, Green bodyside stripe, Blue sole bar & ETF branding.
ETL   Electric Traction Services - Silver body with Red Cabs and ETL branding.

EU2   GBRf  - Europorte - Two tone Grey with Europorte branding.
EUN   Eurostar - Class 374 - White with Blue window surrounds, Yellow stripe under windows, Grey lower body and Eurostar branding
EUP   Eurostar - Class 373 - Power car (revised) - Silver with large Blue side panels and Yellow lower stripe
EUS   Eurostar - Class 373 - White with Dark Blue window surrounds and Grey & Yellow lower bodysides, Eurostar Logos & branding.
EUT   Eurotunnel -  Grey with Blue Swathe and Eurotunnel branding.
EWE*  EWS Executive - Management Train - Silver with EWS branding.
EWS*  DB Schenker - EWS - Maroon bodyside & roof with Gold Stripe. EWS lettering and large numbers.
EWZ*  DB Schenker – EWS -Maroon bodyside & roof with Zigzag Gold Stripe. EWS lettering and large numbers.
FBL   First Group - Plain Blue with White doors and centre bands
FCC   First Group - "Urban Lights" - Graduated Blue with Pink, Purple, White & Blue blocks on lower bodysides. Pink doors.
FCL*  BR Trainload Coal - Two tone Grey with Black cab doors and window surrounds. Black/Yellow logo.
FER*  Fertis (France) - Grey with narrow Red & Blue sole bar stripes and Fertis logos.
FGB   First Great Western - Dark Blue with FGW branding. (Pink doors on units.)
FGL   First Group "Local Lines" - DMU - Dark Blue with Pink doors. Local visitor attraction names on lower sides. FGW branding.
FGN   First Great Western - "Night Riviera" - GWR Green with Silver slash and doors. GWR branding.
FGS   First Group - Indigo Blue with Pink & White stripes.
FGU   First Group - as FGB but unbranded.
FGW   First Great Western - Dynamic Lines - Indigo Blue with thin multicoloured lines on lower bodyside. Pink doors.
      reflective stripes and operator branding.
FHT   First Hull Trains - as FGW with Hull Trains Branding
FLG   1995 - Dark Green with wraparound angled Yellow cabsides. No branding.
FLP   Freightliner - Powerhaul - Green with Yellow cabs. Green and Grey swirls at each end and Freightliner branding.
FLY   Freightliner 1995 - Two Tone Grey with Black cab doors & Freightliner Red Triangle Logos.
FOS   Foster Yeoman - Blue & Silver with cast number plates, "Y" Logos and branding.
FPG*  First Great Western - Dark Green and Ivory with thin Green and broad Gold stripes. First Logos in gold.
FRA*  Fragonset - Black with Silver roof, Red bodyside band.
FRB*  FM Rail - Black with Grey roof, FM Rail loge and fmrail.com branding. Yellow/Blue chevrons logo.
FSH   Abellio ScotRail - Blue with Grey doors (no branding).
FSP*  Strathclyde PTE - Carmine body and Cream window surrounds. Cream doors and SPT branding, some with Turquoise stripe.
(old Black and Gold scheme shown as FSP*.)
FSR*  First Group - Indigo Blue with Pink & White swirl. White doors & ScotRail branding.
FSS   ScotRail - Scotland's Railways - Dark Blue with Scottish Saltire flag and White/Blue flashes, Silver doors.
FTM*  BR Trainload Metals - Two tone Grey with Black cab doors & window surrounds.
FTP   First Group - Dynamic Lines – First Trans Pennine – Graduated Blue bodysides. Pink doors and White neon reflective stripes. 
GAA   National Express - White with Blue Doors
Abellio Greater Anglia - White with Red doors, Abellio branding & wide Red Horizontal stripe.
Abellio Greater Anglia - White with Red doors and Greater Anglia branding
GAT   Gatwick Express - White with Grey doors doors and cabside swirl. White centre band.
GAX   Gatwick Express - White with Green doors and Red Gatwick Express decals.
GBA   GBRf - Blue with Mustard Yellow Cabs, Orange cantrail & solebar stripes and "GB Railfreight part of Europorte" branding on
cabsides and front ends.
GAN   Greater Anglia Renatus - White with Grey doors, Black window surrounds. Red & Grey lower bodyside stripes.
GBF*  First GBRf - Dark Blue with Pink & White cabside swirls and White GBRf branding and numbers
GBM   GBRf Maritime livery - All over Blue with White "Maritime" branding.
GBU   GBRf – Blue with Yellow cabs and GBRf branding
GEN   Genessee & Wyoming livery - Black and Orange
GLX   Glaxochem - Grey, Blue and Black (no Glaxochem branding).
GOL   Golden Ochre
GRN   Green (Plain or Two Tone (BR/SR/GWR style).
GRY   Grey
GTO   Grand Central Railway - All over Black with Orange stripe & Grand Central branding.
GTS   "Gatwick Express" Class 387/2 - Red with Silver Grey doors and Gatwick Express branding

GWG   First Great Western - All over Dark Green with Gold band and Great Western Lettering and Logos.
GWR   GWR lined out Green with cast name and number plates.  
GWT   First Group - Great Western Railway. Locos & Coaches - Dark Green with Light Silver Grey doors and GWR branding  
GWU   First Group - Great Western Railway. Multiple units -  Dark Green with Grey diagonals and Silver Grey doors. GWR branding
GWW   First Group - Great Western Railway - as GWT with Welsh Dragon branding
GYE   Eurotunnel - Grey & Yellow.
HAN   Hanson Group - Dark Blue and Silver with Orange roof.
HEC   Heathrow Connect - Silver Grey with Deep Blue window surrounds and Orange doors. Heathrow Connect branding.
HET   Heathrow Connect - HEC base plus TfL branding.
HEL   Heathrow Express – Internal Shuttle - Silver Grey & Indigo Blue with Black window surrounds.
HEX   Heathrow Express – Blue with Silver doors and Tata Communications branding.
HIT   Hitachi - White with Hitachi branding.
HNR   Harry Needle Railroad Co. - Orange/Grey lined out in Black with HNRC branding.
HS1   SouthEastern High Speed - Hitachi Class 395 - Javelin Blue with Black window surrounds & Light Blue doors.
HUN   Hunslet - Green with White numbers and Hunslet branding.
ICM*  BR - InterCity Mainline - Dark Grey/White/Red/Light Grey
ICS   BR - Original InterCity - Dark Grey/White/Red/Light Grey.
JAR*  Jarvis - Maroon
JUB   Diamond Jubilee - Various designs to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee
KBR   Knorr Bremse Rail Systems - Green, White and Blue bands.
LHL*  BR - Loadhaul - Black with Orange cabsides & Loadhaul Logos.
LMI   London Midland - White with Green unit ends and centre stripe, broad Black window surrounds and Dark Green doors. London Midland
LM2   West Midland Railway Revised - Orange & Blue lower body stripes & Orange
LNE   LNER Tourist Style Green & Cream.
LNW   London Northwestern - Light Grey, Dark Green & Light Green.
LOG   London Overground - All over White with Blue lower stripe, Black window surrounds and Orange doors. London Overground branding.
LON   London Overground - Revised - Black upper bodyside with White, Orange and Blue lower side stripes &Orange doors
LUG   London Underground - Maroon (as "Sarah Siddons"
LUL   London Transport Red (483007 has 1938 London Transport and Underground branding on sides and windows).
MAI   Maintrain - Light Blue.
MAL   W H Malcolm - Light Blue with Dark Blue centre panel, W H Malcolm branding and Red ribbon stripes.
MAN   Malcolm Rail Livery (2016) - Blue with Greener Cleaner Logistics Services branding
MAR   Maroon lined out in Straw and Black (BR or LMSR style).
MEA   Merseyrail - Local attractions/Passenger benefits - Yellow with White doord decals (both sides different)
MED   Medite Shipping Co. - Graduated Blue with Yellow cabs and lining plus MSC Container ship picture and branding. 
MLF*  BR - Mainline Freight - Aircraft Blue with Silver stripe & Mainline Logos & branding.
MLG*  BR - Mainline Freight - Two Tone Grey with Mainline Freight Logos and Black door surrounds.
NAA   Northern Rail - Advertising/Promotional - Dark Blue base with Lilac & White panel detailing. Northern branding and various
NE2   National Express – c2c – White with Black window surrounds, Navy Blue doors and NEX/c2c branding.
NOB   Northern Rail - Purple with Blue cabs and doors. Light Blue door surrounds and Northern Electrics branding.
NOC   Northern Rail - White with Blue ends and Blue doors
NOE   Northern Rail - Electric Multiple Units - Purple with Blue doors and front ends Light Blue door Surrounds.
NOM   Northern Rail - WYPTE Metro - EMU 321/333 livery - Red base colour with Blue and White upward stripes on driving cars only. Wrap
round Yellow ends, White doors and Northern/Metro branding.
NOP   Northern Rail - Class 319 - All over Purple with Indigo doors, Light Blue door surrounds and Northern electrics branding
NOR   Northern Rail - Deep Blue base with Lilac & White panels, White doors and Northern branding.
NOU   Northern Rail – Blue with White doors and Northern Branding
NRL   Network Rail Locomotives/Departmentals - Yellow with Grey/Black roof and NR logos.
NRP   Northern Rail - White & Lilac with Northern Branding
NRQ   Northern Rail - Class 331 - Silver with Black doors and Blue cab fronts.
NSE*  BR - Original Network South East - Blue upper body, White and Grey lower body with Red stripe and no branding.
NXU   National Express - White/Grey with Blue or Red doors.
ORN*  One - Metallic Slate Blue/Grey with broad Black window area band. "National Express/Abellio Greater Anglia" branding.
PCL*  Parcels Sector - 2/3 Red & 1/3 Grey. 
PRV   Private Owners/Industrial Liveries.
PUL   Pullman Car Company - Umber & Cream with Gold lettering.
RES   Rail Express Systems - 1/3 Dark Grey & 2/3 Red with Blue markings, Black cab doors and RES Logos.
RFA   BR - Railfreight - Grey with Yellow cab, BR Logo and Railfreight branding (1980's style)
RFD*  BR – Railfreight Distribution International – Two Tone Grey with Black cab & window surrounds' Dark Blue roof.
RFE*  EWS - Two tone Railfreight Grey with full height EWS logo vinyls.
RFG*  BR - Railfreight - Grey Bodyside, Yellow cabs, Red buffer beams/stripe at solebar level and large double arrow.
RFI*  BR - Railfreight Distribution International - Two Tone Grey with Red & Yellow logos and Blue cab roof & Euro branding.   
RIN   Riviera Trains - Northern Belle - Crimson Lake and Cream.
RIV   Riviera Trains - Locomotives - Oxford Blue with Yellow cab fronts and window surrounds.
      Riviera Trains - Coaching Stock - Oxford Blue and Cream lined out in gold.
RML*  Royal Mail - Red with Yellow Stripes & RM Logos & branding.
RMR   Royal Mail - All over Red with Royal Mail branding.
RMS   RMS Locotech - Blue & Grey
ROG   Rail Operations Group - Plain Blue with ROG branding.
RRR*  Regional Railways - Dark Blue/Grey with Light Blue & White Stripes & RR branding.
Railway Support Services - Black with RSS branding
RSM   Royal Scotsman - Maroon with Belmond Royal Scotsman branding.
RSS   Railway Support Services - Dark Grey with Red solebar and Orange RSS branding
RYP*  Parcels Sector - Red with Yellow stripes.
ROZ   Royal Train (revised) - Claret with Red stripe and DB sticker
SBB*  BR Standard Blue (with Small Logos on locos).
SCE   East Midlands Trains – Mainline – White with Blue window surrounds and lower body, Red/Orange stripe at cab ends, Red doors and
EMT branding. Coaches - White with Blue window surrounds and lower body, Orange stripe and Red doors.
SE2   SouthEastern – White with Black window surrounds and Pale Blue doors & Blue lower body stripe - (Black lower body stripe on some
SE3   SouthEastern - Refurbished - All over Blue with Black window surrounds, Pale Blue doors and SouthEastern branding.
SE3*  Southeastern - as SE3 but with old FCC Purple/Blue base.
SET   SouthEastern - White with Black window surrounds, Yellow doors, Grey lower body stripe and “southeastern” branding. 
SIE   Siemens Class 700 - Delivery livery - White with Pale Blue doors
SOU   Southern – White with Green cabs and with Green semi-circles at connecting end car. Black window surrounds & Dark Green doors.
SPE   Special Liveries - Described adjacent to locomotive details.
SR7   ScotRail Seven Cities HST.
Navy Blue stripe on the bottom of the stock which flourishes into the outline of the biggest
      attractions in the seven cities of Scotland (one city on each power car). Base colour Light Grey, with Navy Blue Doors.   

STO   Eddie Stobart livery
SWM   South West Trains – Mainline - White with Blue window surrounds and lower body.  Orange doors & Orange & Red cabside swirls.
SWO   South West Trains - Outer Suburban - Deep Blue with Red doors (Yellow doors surrounds) and Orange & Red cabside swirls and SWT
SWR   South West Trains - Inner Suburban - Revised - Variation on SWM with Yellow doors
SWS   South West Trains - Inner Suburban - Red with Blue doors (Yellow doors surrounds). Blue & Orange cab swirls and SWT branding,
SWT   South Western Railway - as SWM but with South Western Railway branding.
SWX   South Western Railway - Dark Blue/Light Blue Stripes. Light Grey doors and SWR branding.
TAT   Tata Steel - Grey with Red solebar stripe and Blue Tata branding.
TFL   Transport for London - White with Purple lower body,  White doors and TFL branding
TFW   Keolis/Amey - Transport for Wales - White with Red with Red stripe & Red oors  & Decals. 
THA   Thalys - Green upper body/White lower body, Purple doors
TLK   TSGN - Thameslink/Great Northern - White with Blue doors. Thameslink or Great Northern branding.
Thameslink/Great Northern - White with Green doors and deep grey window band
TPE   First Group - Trans Pennine Express (from 01/04/2016) Silver Grey & Blue with Grey doors.
TPX   First Group - Trans Pennine Express (Class 350) - Blue with Pink and Silver swirls, Pink doors and First TransPennine Express
TSO*  TSO France - Yellow with White roof, Blue sole bar and TSO branding.
TTG   Two tone Grey with no branding.
UKR   UK Rail - Railfreight Grey with Yellow cabs.
UUU   Undercoat - Grey or White.
VEC   Virgin East Coast - Red and Grey
VIR   Virgin Trains – Red and Grey
VIV   VivaRail - White & Green
VTR   Virgin Trains – Red with Black doors extending into bodysides. (3 White lower bodyside stripes.
VWC   Virgin West Coast - Silver with Black window surrounds, White cantrail stripe and red roof and Red & White front end swirls 
swirls. Black and White striped doors
VWI   Virgin West Coast - White with Black window surrounds, Red doors and cabs.
WAB   Wabtec Rail Limited - Black with Red & White Wabtec Logos & branding.
WCR   West Coast Railway Company - Maroon with Black mid-height bodyside stripe, Yellow ends and WCRC branding.
      (LHCS - Maroon with WCRC branding)
WHI   White
WM2   West Midlands Railway - Purple Gold doors & carriage ends. West Midlands Railway branding
WMR   West Midlands Railway - Silver with Purple ends & solebar stripe. Orange doors.
WM2   West Midlands Railway (revised) Orange & Brown with West Midlands Railway branding
XRL   Crossrail TfL - White with Black window surrounds and Purple lower body. White doors. TFL-Rail or ElizabethRail branding.

YEL   Yellow

*    Obsolete style - No longer used for repaints/refurbishment