The Magazine of the Pennine Railway Society

 No.36 - June 1981


Thank you members for your continued support. The Fixtures Secretary reports that most of our early 1981 trips have been sell-outs. We hope we are organising visits to Interest everyone.

Owing to the success of our monthly social evenings held at the Masons Arms in Doncaster the Committee have felt it necessary to seek premises which will hold a larger audience. These premises have now been found and in future our social evenings will be held at the Corporation Brewery Taps public house at
 135 Cleveland Street, Doncaster, only 5 minutes walk from the railway station. The pub is almost opposite the Doncaster BRSA Club which you pass on the way to Doncaster MPD. Meetings will now be held on THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH, commencing at 7-30PM. Accompanied children are welcome.

We have confirmed that we shall be having stalls at Stratford Open Day on 11th. July and at Derby Litchurch Lane on 8th. August. If members have any unwanted paraphernalia we will be happy to take It off your hands.

Indications are that our last magazine, the first produced by Tony Caddick was well received by members, and we hope to maintain standards throughout the year. If you have any contributions for future editions, to be issued on 1st. September and 1st. December, Tony will be pleased to receive them.


Welcome to the Summer (we hope) edition of TRANS PENNINE. This is the time of year when sane and intelligent people go mad for a week or two on all-line railrovers, Scottish rovers etc. I would be pleased to receive any sightings or information who may embark on such adventures. Many thanks for the letters of encouragement regarding the last magazine.

As this issue was being compiled it was announced that a temporary truce had been declared. between BR and the Trade Unions over the thorny issue of the Woodhead. freight line. It is hoped that the situation can be resolved without any further industrial action by the Unions with BR, perhaps, reviewing its rather short-sighted policy towards the line. The next few weeks will tell!




As expected the joint BR/Dept. of Transport review of electrification has come down heavily In favour of a major investment for the railway system. After more than
3 years of study, the 92 page review is now in Mr. Fowler's possession and it is hoped the Government can see its way to approving most of its findings. The report concludes that a substantial programme of main-line electrification covering services carrying 83% of passenger traffic and 68% of freight traffic would be financially worthwhile. Four options were outlined : Option 1 - assumed only limited further electrification including St. Pancras-Bedford, certain lines in East Anglia, the North West, and around Glasgow. 
Option 2 - could be completed in 15 years and would extend electrification on the ECML to Leeds and Newcastle; on the Midland Main Line to Sheffield; and from York- Birmingham, Edinburgh-Glasgow, and Edinburgh-Carstairs. 
3 - would extend to include London-Bristol, South Wales and Plymouth; Birmingham Taunton; Newcastle-Edinburgh; Liverpool-Leeds. 
Option 4 -would include in addition Edinburgh-Aberdeen, Doncaster-Hull, Plymouth- Penzance and Crewe-Holyhead. This could be finished by the year 2000.

(A recent trip on the ECML showed foundations for overhead electrification masts were in place for approximately 8 miles north of Hitchin.


When electrification to Moorgate has been completed in May 1982 an interim local service of electric trains from stations on the Bedford line will operate to Kings Cross Midland, Farringdon, Barbican and Moorgate. This will enable major engineering work to be carried out in the St. Pancras station area. The full service to both Moorgate and St. Pancras is scheduled to start In October 1982. Class
317 EMUs will work the service. Forty-eight 4-car train sets are currently being built at BREL York and Derby. There are 295 seats in a 4car set and they are capable of being coupled together to form 8-car sets with 590 seats available, needed during peak periods.


Peak hour services (a train every 35 minutes) are to be kept running on the 
6 mile single track Epping-Ongar line section of LT's Central Line. However it has been agreed to close Blake Hill station.

LONDON UNDERGROUND HALTED - Who pressed the button?

For the second time in 12 months, on 20th. April human error has halted the Underground. At Lots Road Power Station entrance there is an emergency button to cut off the normal Gas Board supply. This was activated by someone unknown and 120MVA of generation ceased. Load was transferred to Greenwich Power Station where 45MVA of generation was available. With the overload Greenwich tripped out and at 15-55 more than 400 trains stopped.

Some public supply is fed to Neasden for the surface section of the railway in NW London. This power did allow some trains to move out of tunnels. Generators at Lots Road were re-started on the alternative oil supply and full supply was restored at 17-30.


After achieving record availability on the Glasgow/Edinburgh high-speed route the Scottish Region has now extended the operation to cover a diagram on the Glasgow-Aberdeen route. The working is covered by a spare set of Push-Pull coaches operated by a similarly spare Class 47/7 locomotive. The only difference in the standard formation is the inclusion of a buffet car which for operating reasons is always marshalled next to the loco.


Barry Scrapyard owner Dai Woodham has withdrawn permission for weekend visits and working parties at his yard following a spate of thefts of locomotive parts. Groups using cutting and lifting gear, taking parts from engines without permission are held responsible for the disappearance of a whole range of spare parts. A glaring example of this occurred at the end of March when the front bogies of a 9F fell away whilst being shunted. It was found that the bogie retaining pins had been stolen and the bogie had to be cut up to allow shunting to continue.
Police will now patrol the area at weekends.


BR Eastern Region have begun firing courses for enginemen who have not yet worked with steam at York. The courses, which began in April, make provision for classroom as well as practical training and also utilise the services of the NRM's sectioned Merchant Navy Class No. 35029 'ELLERMAN LINES'. This should ensure that enough crews are available to work the new Scarborough-York steam specials this Summer.

The steam specials will run on various midweek days (see below) and will have the use of an 80,000 turntable at Scarborough which has been installed during the Winter.

Mon.31 August: Tue 14/21/28 July: Tue 4/11/18/25 August: Wed 29July: Wed 5/12 August

York dep 09-50 16-35 Scarborough dep 12-22 19-48
Scarborough arr 10-48 17-32 York arr 13-18 20-45

Wed.19/26 August-
York dep 09-50 3carborough dep 12-22
Scarborough arr 10-48 York arr 13-18


Locomotives Re-allocated

Eastern Region : 03022/069~GD;08031/177/734/776-DR;08083/533-CA; 08197/252/657-YK; 08200/334/774-DN; 08231/232-TE; 08243-KY; 08245-NL; 08309/330/332-HM; 08549-NR; 08708-CR; 31113/190/192/195-FP; 31126-MR; 31198/223/224/240-SF; 37004/060/140-SF; 37016-HM; 37049/091/103/115-MR; 40003-TE; 40075-GD; 47009-11/263/265-SF; 47163-TI; 47422/423/457/ 458/549-FP; 47519/521/522-IM; 47572/574/575-YK.

London Midland Region : 08018/121-AN; 08019-BY; 25033/034-BS; 25044/066/148-CW; 25050/235-T0; 25113-SP;25148/153/253-CD; 40009/087/103-SP; 40065-KD; 47050-BS; 4742l-TO.

Western Region : 03382-LE; 08238-BR; 08288-SW; 08410-LA; 37024/127/134/135/205/210/231-CF;
47256-BR; 47473-LE; 47556/565/567/575-LA; 47901-CF. 

Scottish Region : 08192-ML; 08196-ED; 08286-HA; 20028/078/171/197/198/199-ED; 20179/201/207HA; 25076/078/079/109/226-HA; 27109-ED; 37037/039/051/085-ED; 37125-ML; 47051/102/427-ED; 47109/470-HA.

LOCOMOTIVES WITHDRAWN 01002; 03072;06003;08053/097/109 124/131/149/169/180/182/221, 08233/247/298/314/336/505/572/574/860; 20030/042/048/069/097; 25043/046/065/094/100, 25114/118/172/185/217/261/267/273/281/293; 26022; 27011;31101/269; 40017/032/66/116, 40151/179; 45025;46053.


LOCOMOTIVES STORED SERVICEABLE 20007/020/080/100/108/109/110/119/126

LOCOMOTIVES REINSTATED 08736-DE; 25185-SP; 40161-store U/S;46002-GD


LOCOMOTIVES - BOILER ISOLATED 31198/223/224/240; 37037/039/051 40030/049;46o48,-GD


LOCOMOTIVES - BOILER REINSTATED 31108/114/125/126/148/193/236/244; 37085/114.




LOCOMOTIVES RENUMBERED 05001 to 97803; 47020 to 47556; 47173 to 47573; 47175 to 47575; 47179 to 47577; 47183 to 47579; 47170 to 47582.



Eastern Region : 50555,56365,59200-DN; 50578/588,56423,59223-SF; 51210,56396/398-HT; 51813/830,59695-HS; 56136-NR; 59216-NL.

Scottish Region : 50748/770/778/782/789/803/805,51806,59072/150/159/161,59544/574~HA. 50175,51237.59047/071/~88/566-DE;51454/527/796,59560/578-ED;51461/468/537/9565-AY.

London Midland Region : 50546/556/589/593,51127,56453,59206/212/240,59794-NH; 50551/572,50950/965/966/967/968/969,56227/249-252,59226-KD: 50653/707,59268-DY; 50755-BY; 50902,55005-TS; 56411,59794-CH; 59203-BX.

Western Region : 51079,51107,59437-RG.

WITHDRAWN : 50340/392,50408/462,50543/545/548/564/585/591,51281,51471/484,56124/141/156/56459/59158/224/

HEADLIGHTS FITTED 51781/82/83/85/86/88/90/91/92/93.

RENUMBERED The following have been converted from MBS to TBS and renumbered 51981 to 59833/51969 to 59834/51974 to 59835/51978 to 59836.

Withdrawn : 65202/3/6/8/9/11/12/13//18/20/24/25/27/35/39/42/51/56/60/74/87/89/92
65402/6/8/9/12/13/1 6/20 24/25/27/39/42/44/45/46/51/56/60/72/89

Transferred : 61817/25/26/35/42/43; 75751/59/60/69/76/77; 75807/15/16/25/32/33 - CE.


Class 55, No.55012 'CREPELLO' has now been withdrawn from service. On May 13th it worked 1E39, 22-30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross, and was withdrawn on Finsbury Park. The loco was later moved to York for stripping for spares.


Locomotives to be named shortly by BR include the following
37180- County of Dyfed - Sir Dyfed 47444- University of Nottingham :
47711-Greyfriars Bobby (named 30th. April) : 47712-Lady Diana Spencer (named 30th. April)
56035-Taff Merthyr : 56036-Richard Trevithick : 56037-Western Mail : 56xxX-0ystermouth
86215-Joseph Chamberlain (named) : 86227-Sir Henry Johnson (named) :
86102-Robert A. Riddles : 86248-Sir Clwyd (county of Clwyd) (named 19th. March).

The following have been proposed by Eastern Region, but have not been approved by BRB : - 47577-Benjamin Gimbert G.C. : 47579-James Nightall G.C.

Other names ordered for Class 86/2 locomotives (numbers to be decided) are City of Milton Keynes : Sir John Betjeman : Duke of Wellington Lady of the Lake Lord Stamp : Abraham Darby : Scafell Pike : Ben Nevis.

Nameplates ordered for Scottish Region Class 37s are Loch Lomond : Loch Eil Loch Long : Loch Awe.


One of the six remaining ex-BR Class EM2 DC electric locomotives at present working for the Dutch Railways is to be offered to the North Western Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. The locos were built at the LNER works at Gorton and used to haul passenger services over the Sheffield-Manchester Woodhead route until their withdrawal in 1969. The seven locos were then sold to Dutch Railways (Nederland Spoorwegen) and since then one has been scrapped, but the others have been used intensively, regularly covering 4,500 miles each week. After being under threat of withdrawal for the past few years they are being overhauled and are now expected to be withdrawn in 1986. It is suggested that No. 1506 (ex-BR E27002 'AURORA') be displayed at the World's oldest railway station, Liverpool Road Station in Manchester. Because the museum must bear transport costs of bringing the engine back, it is proposed to form a group of friends willing to help with the project. Anyone interested in further details should contact the North Western Museum of Science and Industry, 97 Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HF.


Nine new stations are planned in West Yorkshire. The first unstaffed halt will be at Crossflatts, near Bingley, serving trains between Bradford and Keighley and Leeds and Skipton. It will cost 70,000. May 1982 should see Fitzwilliam. (home of Sir Geoffrey Boycott), south-east of Wakefield, and Slaithwaite, In the Colne Valley near Huddersfield open. In 1983 Bramley, Swinnow Road (between Leeds and Bradford), Sightcliffe, (near Halifax) and Saltaire (near Shipley) should be opened followed in 1984 by Deighton, East Garforth and Hawkesworth.


Our cover photograph shows A2 Pacific 60532 'BLUE PETER' on an express.
Our thanks to Dave Wilson of Peterborough for the photograph.


An important stage in the modernisation of rolling stock on London Transport was reached on 31st. March when the last of the District Lines' pre-war red trains made its final journey in normal passenger service. With 25 of the new D78 trains bringing new standards of comfort and appearance to the line and another 50 on the way, the pre-war units are no longer required.

Enthusiasts from the Quainton Railway Society are planning to preserve Car No. 54233 which was damaged by enemy action in 1940 and repaired by using the undamaged section of another bombed car. Several of the withdrawn units, some in exemplary condition have found their way to the Rotherham scrapyard of C.F.Booth Ltd and cutting up has commenced.

All LT lines are now operated by 'Silver' or unpainted aluminium trains with the exception of the Bakerloo Line which still uses red stock dating from 1938, a wonderful tribute to the designers and builders of these now vintage units.


BR have provided 
71 million to repair Barmouth Viaduct sufficiently to allow it to re-open in time for the Summer season. The first train to cross since last October was the 10-42 Shrewsbury-Pwllheli on May 22nd, with a full service operating from the following day. However the repairs will still be insufficient to allow any locomotives to cross.


Of 138,200 trains Southern Region ran in February,93%, arrived on time or within 5 minutes of time. Causes of delay included passengers falling in front of trains at Wandsworth Common and Kent House.


The French Railway's TGV ultra high-speed train has set a new world rail speed record of 236mph at Pasily on the new line soon to link Paris and Lyon. The previous record of 205mph was also held by the French and had stood since 1955.


Attendances at the Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane, Sheffield, continue to hold at a healthy level, with members being treated to excellent and interesting shows. Thanks to Eric Slater for his highly amusing film show in April. Don't forget we meet on the second Tuesday of every month, with meetings starting at 7-30pm, and all Pennine members are welcome. Future meetings at the Grapes are

Tuesday 9th.June John P. Sanderson - Class 01 to Class 87 (plus some steam)

Tuesday 14th.July Impromptu Quiz
Tuesday 11th.August Members slides. Jack Davis


After a titanic struggle PENNINE were beaten by the 'Butchers' In the consolation semi-final of the LNER general knowledge quiz held at Swinton, near Mexborough. At the end of the game scores were 32-32, and after 5 tie-break questions, scores were 38-38. Rules stated that one final question should be asked and the first team to answer correctly would win the match. Both teams answered correctly, but the 'Butchers' answered first. Congratulations to our team of Tony Booth (captain), David Bladen, Linda Bladen, Roger Butcher, Tony Caddick, John Sanderson, Robin Skinner and Mike Tyas. Special thanks to Mike who travelled from Cannock for the match and returned home immediately afterwards.

Blushes all round from our speedway experts Roger Butcher, Tony Caddick and John Sanderson who failed to realise that Ivan Mauger won the 1977 World Championship (John Sanderson even saw him win it!)

The Brush Class 47s though hailed by BR as the classic Type 4 are still prone to sinking to depths only equalled by Sheffield United Football Club. The following events were witnessed by two Pennine members on a recent Sheffield-Glasgow Trailblazer.

The outward journey passed without incident but events started to happen when 47543 failed at Glasgow Central 10 minutes before departure. 30 minutes later 47271 appeared and departure was 40 minutes late.

This engine, although boilered was in no mood to give out any heat and was replaced at Carlisle by 47511 'THAMES'. Our intrepid travellers, by this time bluer than the 'Duffs' livery looked forward to a cosy and warm run home, but by Appleby the heat had once again disappeared. At this point Mr. Graham Dawson, famed for his hardiness to the worst Northern weather and also a bloke known to do Doncaster Works in the middle of Winter in shirt and jacket but with 6 pints of Stones Bitter for insulation was heard to remark 'it's ******* cold!

After what seemed an eternity Leeds City was reached and here a heater on 16 wheels in the shape of 45144 was substituted thereby ensuring a tropical environment for the final leg of the journey. At Sheffield many passengers on alighting rushed to the front of the train to examine this beast that breathed fire where others had failed and left pondering whether the heat came from those two extra axles.

Despite now being discarded to the scrap heaps, the EE Type 4 Class 40's continue to put in sterling work. The Manchester-Cleethorpes newspaper train and return stock is a solid 'Whistler' turn. Engines noted on this turn recently have included 40029, 40118, and Green Goddess 4,0106 which produced on 25th. April, 22nd. May and 23rd May. 

Future Open Days in 1981 include the following 27th.June-Glasgow Works : 11th.JulyStratford : 8th. August-Derby Litchurch Lane 22nd.August-Wolverton : 4th.October-Barrow Hill.


Gerry Collins

It has been suggested that readers would like to be reminded of the above. Steam power had just finished on BR and some diesel power was already being withdrawn after a short period of life.


44690, 44709/13/35/58/81, 44806/9/16/71/4/7/88/94/7/9, 
44932/50/63/71,45017/25/55/73/95/6 45110/34/56,45200/6/7/12/31/60/2/8/9/87, 45305/10/ 


Class 04 - D2309/21/2/3/4/5/6/7/9/31/4/5/6/7/8. 
Class 10 - D3142.D3473/80/4,D3625/6/7/32,D4064/86/8/9/90/1/3/4 
Class 28 - D5701/2/5/ 98/11/2/4/6/7/9 
Class 29 - D6111/7/52


Class 81 - E3009


Class 50 - D433/4/5/6


45428 was noted heading through Belper on August 24th for Tyseley. 44781 was at Bartlow for filming, 73050 ran under its own steam easterly on the Calder Valley line. On 17th. October D206 hauled dead 75048,75009,75020,75019 from Carnforth towards for Leeds, 75019 being detached at Keighley for the WYR. 60532 Blue Peter was hauled south and stabled at York. Tyseley Open Day on 29th. September had 7 locos in steam3206,48773,7029,5593,45428,7808,4472.
West Highland Tour - April 17-19 Gerry Collins

The PRS. party were accommodated in the luxury of the 11th. coach, complete with table cloths and tables laid for dinner, not a lot of heating, and very dim lighting. But being a bright moonlit night, we were able to see the passing countryside very well.

As the train was travelling north of Glasgow, emergency hampers were carried and
it wasn't so far out of Leeds that blankets were being issued as the boiler of our
loco - 40060 was now defunct. However, standby lighting and heating was provided by
Pipe Puffer Collins.

After being held outside Carlisle, we eventually arrived the station where much discussion ensued as to what loco would take us onto Cowlairs. An electric unit was suggested, but our Chairman pointed out that none had a boiler. After some delay, 47469 eth. was coupled up and I think the driver realised our discomfort and went flat out up and over Beattock to Mossend Yard where there was a wait for a crew change.

At Cowlairs 27112/102 took over and at Craigendoran, the start of the West Highland Line, dawn had broken. Through the night, some members slept (especially one when over Beattock, items from the dinner table crashed to the floor, but PB slept through it all). Robin woke at intervals to ask
"E H" which was nothing to do with a Depot Code.

27112/102 worked hard up the gradients, and at Corrour, 37112 was waiting in the loop, light engine, for us to pass. The scenery was magnificent and so was the weather, and the steam had got through to our coach.

Arrival at Fort William was on time at 08.20 and we headed for a good breakfast at MacTavish's Kitchen.

Back at the station the 11th coach had been uncoupled, and 37085 hauled us onto the West Highland Extension past the stabling point where 27036/42, 37027/108 were standing. 37085 worked very hard on the gradients, especially on the 1 in 42 to Beasdale. At Arisaig, we had to wait the arrival of the Mallaig train headed by 27041 into the loop before proceeding onto to Morar where the second man had to open the crossing gates.

At Mallaig, our loco spent much time running round the train which had to split into two parts.

On the return 37108 was passed at the Arisaig loop, and a stop was made at Glenfinnan for passengers to detrain and explore. Continuing, we crossed the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and nearer Fort William by Loch Eil, Robin threatened Ben Nevis with his camera! (To judge who won, come along to our member's slide shows).

At Mallaig Junction, the 16.25 from Fort William was waiting for us to come off the single line.

After our evening meal we left Fort William at 18.35 back in the 11th. coach, but now next to the loco. At Tulloch we had to wait a little time for the 16.25 ex Glasgow Queen St. to arrive into the station, headed by 37027, and then at Corrour, 37112 light engine was waiting for us to pass.

Daylight was now fading as was the vitality of the few PRS members who hadn't seen fit to sleep since leaving Doncaster. However we woke at Cowlairs to see 40173 attached to our train for the journey to Carlisle, where 26014 was working. 40015 Aquitania was attached to bring us home via Holbeck, Methley Jcn., Knottingley (where 56005/30/32/34/73 were stabled), Shaftholme Junction to Doncaster.

The PRS members who ventured north on the trip were somewhat surprised to read reports in local and even some national papers of the grievous discomforts suffered by some passengers on the train. Comments ranged from '8 hours on a frozen train' to demands for refunds. Thankfully some rational people saw fit to redress the balance by making their feelings known to the respective editors in what was plainly another example of BR bashing by the Press



On Saturday 25th. April for their away match at Aldershot, York City Football Club used Persil tickets to help pay the cost of rail travel.


RF:   324
RUO: 1040
RG:   1102/6
RKB: 1502/3/5 9 /12/6/8/10/1/26/8/20/1/2/5/46/7/8/51/2/60/4
RBK: 1619/30/2/5/4/7
RB:   1660/1/2.4/82
RBK: 1777/8
RMB: 1802/22/43
BAR: 1883
RUB: 1904/9/13/7/21/2/7/30/1/3/4/41/50/1/64/7/79/83/5/7/9/90/1
SLC:  2408
SLSTP: 2578/2608/22/27/52
SLEP: 2814
TSO:  3705/50/1/5 7/3827/30/47/52/85/3976/80/4012/38/4158/4209/18
/4228/45/72/83/96/4308/29/34/64/5/70/81 4404/8/50/4581/91.4825 4942/5047/50/9/61/5499/5503/6/10/1/3/6/8/21/8/34/8/44/7/51/3
BSO: 9209/37/72/81/9329 44/6/551/68/9/70/1/5/8/80/1/9402
TSO: 12039/12162
FK: 13092/13176/13265/7/13347/55/77/13434
BFK: 14020/14164
CK: 15757/63 70/15838/44/9/53/4/7/8/15957/78/9/16001/42/4/6/79/96
16105/7y,I~/8/30/40/5 8/9/50/2 16242/57Y9/64
BCK: 21071/95/21108/10/41/66/90/21204/17/21/2/37/58
SK: 24046/60/24429/'93/24518/31/94/247,66/2464~/ ' 0/94/9/24918/25003/
25420/31///40/8/64/6/9/71/8/81/2/91/ 25506/630/4/6/8/72/84/
BSK: 34526/44/34629/30/35049/35117/35206/49/55/7
RK: 80029/31/2/3/4/7/9
BG: 80563/77/80600/4/80798/80853/80904/70/81002/18
NRV: 87521/42/4/75/87/97608/32/50/4/62/3/73/5//6/84/95/87702/14/27/46/
87991/8/9/88005/9/14/5/23/40/41/4/54 11/26/47/94448/59/
NPV: 94108/19/54/5/97/9424/53/4/6/65/7/79/90/94309/11/26/47/94448/59
NY : 99603/6/11/12/3

PCK:  315/8
FO: 347/9/350/1/2/3
PF: 354

NMV: 1003/10/3/21/3/1338/2942/93
LMS: 30973/4/7/9/89/9195/31001/6/10/2/22/9/33/4/7/45/50/2/7/8/9/60/31072/8//81/2/6/90,/1/2/3 /31101/8
31164/71/2/5/7//81/2/3/7/8//91/5/8/ 31200/4/6/8/10/7/23/9/52/5/9
31245/7/53/4/6/63/5/8/71/2/3/5/6/82/5/6/7/90/1/3/ 31302/4/8/9/10/2/3/5/6/8/20/23/4/7/30/1/4/8/41/2/3/4/5/9/53/9/62/3,0/3/4/7/30/1/4/5/41/2/3/35/5//9/62/3/45/6/9/70/71/5/4/9/81/6/9/91/6
31404/5/10/1/5/22/8 31903/4/5/14/5/20/3/5/7/35

NFV: 202/3/4/7/9/17/8/24/33/43/4/7'7/9/355/4/7/71/6/9/88/90
NQV: 1064/1121/49/1227/58/77/90/1302/22/6/30/45/51/3/8/70/9,/83
NOV: 1416/8/34/46
NOV: 1746/62/6
NQV: 1808/38/9/45//7/57/64/75/81/3/902/11/61
NOV: 2122
NOV: 2504/34/6/7/44
NIV: 4589/4600/4/5

Due to the demise of the 'Collection and Delivery Parcels business it is expected that all remaining S.R. Series stock, LMS. NFV. vehicles and most of the NPV's 
will be condemned in the near future. Other withdrawals are expected to include further catering vehicles and a progressive withdrawal of Mark 1 sleeping cars as newer vehicles enter service.

Withdrawn vans noted at Margam in May 1981 were:-
Ex-Southern vans - 1102/6,1255/7/63/70/1/91/7,1325/7/31/42/6/70/92,1427/31/33/5/9,
1612/5/636/7/41/70/98/9,1701/13/26/35/3/7/51/7/79/84/90,1802/ 7/13/32/7/43/4/99

Other vehicles noted recently - E9320;M15650;Sc21200;W1217;E2 5478;E2 5496;E2 5506; E2 5645;E2 5648;M94391;M31323;S2114


Members may be interested to know that the Transport and General shop, with whom we have shared stalls at several Open-Days have moved premises to a site just outside Doncaster Railway station, near the Railway public house. The new shop is adequately stocked with items of interest and all PENNINE members will be made welcome. If members tell the owner, Chris that they know Geoff Bambrough, then they will get a suitable response.


Pilots-08008/444 : Paint Shop-37002,50020,56007 : 4 Bay 03079,31107,37246,50010, 50012,50036,56014.
2 Bay-31263,37027/089/163,56042:
Dismantling Shop: 31119,50040;
Graveyard: 55003: 
Yard: 03056/066,31206/266/282.37086/228,50035,55005/06/10/14. 56016/30/90
Withdrawn DMU's: 51005/006/160/163/166/169/173,59452.
DMU Works: 50177/247/266/361/619/632,51289/438/499,52091,56197/382/388/396/455. 59095/197/231/246/383/387/697.
West Yard Pilots-08331,08607.
Doncaster MPD: 08114/115/131/136/184/247/420/459,37036/038,4,0006,47054/221/235/376,
 DMU's: 50166,50614,56051

Doncaster: 40060, Holbeck: 08432/500/766,31211/295,45122 47470 491.
Skipton: 40106.
Carlisle: 08910,47469/472,83006,86006,87030.
Kingmoor: 08452/601 85024
Mossend Yard~08319/723,
Fort William27041,27102/112,37027/085/108. MPD-27036/042.
Hare Park Jcn.-08332,37143.

TRIPS REPORT No.9- CREWE WORKS 26th. April 1981.

Works Pilots-08220/802:
On Works-27203,37184/271,40087/123/142,47011/059/075/135/157, 47186/190/228/233/270/285/342/363/374/416/418/427/432/438/440/450/453/457/460/464/482, 47491/503/526/550/578/709 81002/016,82002,83014,84008,85009/025/032,86204/209/211/2209 86252/256/261/319/328,870~4/005.

TRIPS REPORT No.10- SOUTH WALES 9th. May 1981.

Cardiff Canton: D3255,08191/193/484/580/593/645/835, 33028, 37127/162/176/185/235/240, 37284/285/287/290/293/306, 450?7,45147,46028/049, 47015/070/083/089/096/105/111/122, 47123/143/162/171/205/230/234/240/243/248/254/267/281/324/347/537/544, 56040.
Margam: 08360/367 789/896, 37116/213/220/231/272/282, 47008/144/257/258/327, 56035/37Y38/41/44.
Swansea Docks: 08577/587/591/818/897, 37214/227/248/298/300.
Landore: 03141/142/145, 08364/489/578/592/659/792, 37183/187/188/190/267/274/288/289/303, 45043, 47112/147/214/473/488/584.
Swansea C.S.- 08649.
Radyr- 08353/581/589/779, 37241/280, 97651.

REPORT No.11- DONCASTER WORKS 10th. May 1981.

Pilots: 08420/443.
Paint Shop:31143.
Yard: 03078,31266,37008/020/155/167/228,50010/12/33. 55005/006,56091.
2 Bay: 31165/218,37246,50036/40/45,56014.
4 Bay: 37018/019/253,56018. Dismantling Shop- 31221.37194,50039. Withdrawn DMU's- 51005,51166,59452.

DMU Shops- 50024 049/223/233/246/247/259/275/277/280/284/371/452/505/845,51207/218/267 51431/51541/542/551/552/847/953/968/978. 520?9/082/095, 56124/143/370/396/436. 59101/106,59231/232/243,59532/535,59710,59822.
Doncaster MPD: 08008/031/114/115/177/184/247/607/745, 31106/181/19o/228/309/315, 37168, 40003/006/018,47121/210/297/525. 55011, 56001M.
DMU's: 50296,51256,51828,52100,56064,56134,59709.

REPORT No.12- MANCHESTER 15th. May 1981

Longsight: 08399/602/604/906/915, 25299/317, 37049, 40016/087/126/139/174, 56017, 83005/006/010/011, 85037, 86242,86322.
Reddish: 25080, 40030/044/133/179 182, 47534, 76001/02/03/04/29/30/36/4 Y47/48/49/50/52/53/55/56/57.
Guide Bridge: 08611, 25143/202, 37049, 40013/031/035/074, 56065, 76022/23/27/34.
Newton Heath: 08129/626/676, 25211/304/307/318, 40103/115/117/120/187.


Frodingham: 08391/392/445/499, 20009/015/023/054/066/094/095/107/144/150/154, 31106/184/233, 45023/050, 47204/370. Scunthorpe Station: 08397, 20053(on freight)
Althorpe: 20052.
Immingham: 08386/388/405/508/751, 31101/105/119/146/156/174/180/181/211/238/248/281/319, 37126/131/132/143/160/201/202/211,47212/213/216/217/218/221/223/291/314/380/521/522/540.

Lincoln: 03026,08101/102/277.
DMU's: 50005/10/17/31/35/42/44150216,51278/81/84,51971, 56002/03/05/26/34/35/36/38/39/75, 56422[54. TDB W5309/310.
Lincoln Central: 08242.


The location of all the Class 76 Electrics as at 16th.May was as follows:
Rotherwood: 76008,76022/23 76031//2/7/8 76033C8, 76054.
Wath: 7600624, 76007/12, 76009/11, 76010/16, 76028.
Guide Bridge: 76014/15, 76021/25, 7603/34, 76035/9, 76040,76051.
Reddish: 76013&/6, 76027: 76029 and 76030 were awaiting repairs to traction motors, but repairs are unlikely to be carried out. 76003,76036 stored serviceable.
Withdrawn were 76001/02/04/41/43/46/47/48/49/50/52/53/55/56/57.The bodies of 43/50/56/57 have been removed from the bogies.


First prize 5, second prize 1 third. prize 2. Entries should reach Tony Caddick, the Magazine Editor, by 31st. July 1981.
Don't forget, you may still win a prize even if you haven't got all the answers correct.

1. Which Blackpool Station closed in 1964?

2. Dronfield Station re-opened this year, but which year did it close?

3. In which year was the infamous 'Beeching Plan' published?

4. Name Class B17 No. 61649.

5. Which was the first new Class 56 to be outshopped In the new livery from Doncaster Works?

6. Which Station between Leeds and Bradford was opened in 1967?

7. The prototype Class 37, D6700 is now numbered what?

8. Give the two names 'Royal Scot' class 46148 carried during its life.

9. What is the mileage by rail between Kings Cross and Aberdeen?

10. In which town is English Bridge Junction situated?

11. In which year was the Hixon Level Crossing accident?

12. How many signal boxes now operate the ECML between Doncaster and Kings Cross?

13. Name Class 52, D1024.

14. Sheffield Midland Station once boasted a fine overall roof, true or false?

15. Which station is used for access to Aston Villa Football ground?

16. What Is the maximum speed of the Class 76 Electrics?

17. Which Class 47 was unofficially named 'GREAT EASTERN' in 1978?

18. Which Class 55 was badly damaged in an accident at Darlington in 1977?

19. Name Warship D807.

20. In what year was Leeds Central Station closed?

Competition No.25

First prize was won by Peter Hall of Dronfield Woodhouse, Nr Sheffield, second prize by Jon Davis of Sheffield, and. third prize by Andrew Sadd of Kirk Sandall, Doncaster.

1- Thomas Bouch
2- 40136
3- Taffs Well - Radyr
4- Minerva
5- Aberdeen - 28th. July 1964
6- The Cleveland Executive
7- 4004,0
8- Salwick
9- Baltimore & Ohio
10- City of Preston
11- 55020 'NIMBUS'
12- Birmingham Snow Hill
13- 46257 'CITY OF SALFORD'
14- 50035 ARK ROYAL' - Plymouth 17 Jan
15- Corrour Summit - 1350 feet
16- Norman Fowler M.P.
17- 8th. August 1963
18- 40129
19~ 55015 TULYAR
20- Gadwall , Sir Ralph Wedgwood.



April 1981 saw a dramatic swing in the fortunes of the Class 76 locos and the Manchester/Sheffield/Wath electrified system. The line came close to premature closure as a result of a derailment on April 8th, yet on April 16th. British Rail announced that closure of the line was to be deferred from June 1st. to July 20th. This surprising change of policy followed industrial action by the rail unions which came to a head when several NUR members were sent home for refusal to collect fares. An enquiry is now being held with an independent arbitrator in charge, although BR have said they will not bind by the result. Meanwhile the remaining Class 76s soldier on.


 took the train forward.55014 was fuelled at Lincoln and ran light to Cleethorpes for the return working.
Finally on 22nd.April 55018 'BALLYMOSS' failed at Bawtry on the 19-35 Kings Cross-Hull and 40194 on 3S27,14-58 Liverpool Street-Edinburgh Parcels, gave rear end assistance. The Deltic was removed by 08459 at Doncaster and 37160 took the train forward 120 minutes late.

The DPS 'North Briton' railtour on 25th.April was hauled by 55002,running from York-LeedsSkipton-Carnforth-Shap-Carlisle-Carstairs-Edinburgh-Newcastle-Stockton-York. The tour should have traversed the Settle&Carlisle route, but the line was blocked by unseasonal snowdrifts.

West Ham football supporters had a treat on 11th April for as well as seeing their team win 5-1 at Grimsby, the football special was hauled by 55014.Another rare treat was in store for bashers on 5th.May when 55015 hauled 1E52,11-50 Edinburgh- Kings Cross additional, ensuring a non-stop run from York. Kings Cross was reached 10 minutes early.

Doncaster Rovers fans had the choice of an 8 Car DMU or 40056 with a rake of Mk ls for the trip to Lincoln on 7th.March,whilst on 28th.March,31200/312 were provided for the match at Halifax. The Rugby League Cup Final on 2nd.May provided an array of motive power on specials from Hull, including 47076/078/079/083/086/121, and 55009/14.Deltic 55009 worked a return special to Hull on the Saturday night, and then 1G48,15-25 Kings Cross-Bradford Rugby Special on the Sunday.

Recent Class 50 movements have included 50040 'LEVIATHAN' on 1S27,07-22 Plymouth-Edinburgh as far as York on 23rd.February,50020 'REVENGE' on the 09-50 Edinburgh-Plymouth, from York, on 31st.March,and the same working was undertaken by 50035 'ARK ROYAL' on 3rd.May,and by 50012 'BENBOW' on 12th.May.

On 9th.March,47004 failed at Millhouses on the 15-15 Manchester-Harwich, resulting in a 2 hour delay, while on 12th.February the 09-53 St. Pancras-Sheffield arrived in Sheffield behind 20165/174 and 45124,the latter having been declared a failure.

Deltic haulage on Kings Cross-Cleethorpes trains Is a rarity, but on 2nd.March 55015 headed the 08-15 from Kings Cross, as did 55022 on 17th.and 24th.March,and 55012 on April 7th. while 55018 headed the 13-05 ex Kings Cross on 30th.March.Other unusual workings on the 0815 from Kings Cross have included 46051 on 6th.April and 40070 on 29th.April,but the return working was hauled by 47215.Class 20,20001 has been stabled at Holmes Yard, Lincoln since early March.

A derailment occurred at Claypole on 24th.April when 1E35,22-30 Edinburg- Kings Cross hauled by 55008 came off while running on the Up loop. Class 37,37143 and 'lifeboats' attended the scene.

On 23rd.May the 08-47 York-Liverpool was hauled by 55010.Unfortunately the Deltic expired at Holgate Bridge. Sister engine 55011 assisted 55010 to Leeds where the defective Deltic was removed.55011 continued throughout to Liverpool and returned with the 13-05 Liverpool-York.

The FA Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough, Sheffield on 11th.April,between Tottenham and Wolves produced a total of 14 extras. Motive power included 45026/53/60P7, 45104/17/28/44,46035,47042/107/189/195/~13/52~/528.i-roduction of Class 56s continues at Doncaster, with frames provided for engines up to 56103 which is expected Into traffic on 11th.December 1981.On 30th.May 37267 was noted outside Doncaster Works, having suffered collision damage.

London Midland Region

On 26th.February 5ooo4 ST.VINCENT' hauled the 16~08 Bristol-Newcastle as far as Derby, the train being taken forward by 45101.Excursions to Southport over the Easter period were Sunday 47082 ex Burton;47428 ex Pontypool; Monday-25066/081 ex Melton Mowbray;47529 ex Barry;47103 ex Merthyr Tydfil.

On 26th.April 47561 failed at Burton on the 12-38 Poole-Leeds/Newcastle and was rescued by 47331 which piloted the failed 'duff' to Sheffield where 47555 took over the Leeds portion and 40028 the Newcastle. The Harwich-Manchester Boat Train was rescued by 56069 on 29th.April when 47085 'MAMMOTH' expired at Alfreton.

On 26th.April power for the 13-45 Crewe-Cardiff was provided by 46oog,but an even more unusual sighting took place on 8th.February on the Settle&Carlisle line when 26010/24 worked a return Edinburgh-Treherbert Rugby Special as far as Farringford Junction at Preston.

Class 33s continue to produce at Crewe, with 33014/24 being sighted on Crewe MPD on 26th.April.

The following locos were noted on 7th March at Dumfries were 08105, 27029 and 27102;
at Ayr-08344/448/99/827, 20115/17/18/159, 25227,26023,27016/030/101/l1
at Polmadie-06008,0828076937721/735, 20089/100/101/109/137/146/149/206, 25246,26031,27204/9 40151;
at Motherwell-08192/312/321/326/,343/437/723/731/732/883,20027/080/102/125/179,  25224,27026 040 109/206/210/25224/229,26034/39 370881/124/129/133/139/148/156,47365/469;
at Aberdeen- 0851/710/817/828 25226/25226/234/239/247, 260259/33 27108, 40158/149/167 47162/518/522.
On 4th.April Dunfermline MPD played host to 08175/271/279/570,20126/191/206, 20219/220/223/225.
Noted at Haymarket on 2nd.May were newly named 47711 ''GREYFRIARS BOBBY' and 47712 'LADY DIANA SPENCER', both sporting the new modified livery.
Passengers on an excursion from Manchester to Edinburgh on 26th.March had a surprise at Carstairs where 83006 was replaced by 55018,and on 4th.April 55017 took over a Macclesfield-Edinburgh at Carstairs.
Noted at. Glasgow Works on 16th.May were;- 08314/721, 20057/078/135/138/1851p 20193/224, 26004/35/46, 27023/024/025/028/104/210-; EMUs 303067/95/98, 314214;
DMU's 50749,5102051231/35/44/48,51453,51807,51988,55002,59552.

Noted at Eastfield on the same day were:-08196/402/952, 20040/049/108/215, 25227/247, 26008, 27001/010/018/029,/033/034/036/037/040/041/043/101/109/112/212,

37012/022/043/081/108/112/149, 47197/206/210/270/4224/431/701, 08443/544/733/764 along with DMU's 51458/459/465,51518/24,51805,55015,59541,59687/90.


Below is a list of locos stored or awaiting overhaul at Swindon Works as at Friday May 1st.The Editor would like to thank Eddie Plenty for this information and other members who sent In similar lists.
STORED IN 'A' YARD BEHIND 'A' SHOP (cannot be seen from line) 08280/281 435/453/505 545/572, 20050, 25040, 31265, 45008/18/21/24/28/29/32/39, 46001/06/077/10/13/17/20/21/22/25/30/34/37/38/40/41/42/43/50/54/49.

03062/81, 08015/027/053/059/08//084/076/126/128/131/1331/139/194//191/2,07/213/216/218, 08294/298/366/:368?628/636/860/862/863, 20030/048/069/097, 25006/007/055/070/053/1109 25112/114/116/122/155/166/172/18~/203/216/222/238/263/264/273/293, 31017/019/103, 40109/112/151.

CONDEMNED YARD (BEING CUT UP) (Can be seen from line)
08055/230/438, 25010/023/074/061/063/100/103/127/137/163/172/197/264/281/232,  40110/114/147.

08294/468,08776(ex-works), 31264/274, 40017/32/116/1371163023 D1041, 08411(works shunter)


08080,40161 (stored) For overhaul- 08146/200/396/440/460/533/663/672/729/734/736/785, 08834/875/937 ;
EMUs for refurbishing- 7003/7004,7178,7210, 411529/411592.


The following were noted on 24th. February
Hither Green: 33035/48/51/56/65, 73141.
At Eastleigh Depot were 08030/150/201, 33007/010/025/027/103/108/117/118.
At Eastleigh Works were 08200/202, 09015/26, 33001/043/055/107/111, 73004/106,along with Unit
5235 (new number 5405).

It has now been reported that SR will only be using the last 4 digits of the BR Standard Unit No. System. This affects Class 508 and refurbished Class 411 Units, which
will now be numbered- 4PER (508001-508043) now 8001-8043,and 4-CEP (411501-411608) now 1501-1608.

For the information we are indebted to Messrs Sanderson, Pett, Marshall, Richards, Dean, Davis, Peach, Barsby, Gossan, Plenty, Shenton, Butcher, Webster, A. Needham, Whittle, Lowis, Bolland, Connell, Lancaster, Payne, Collins, Skinner, Dewing, Hall, Turner, Bloomer.

Special thanks to Chris and Kathy Corroy for Class 76 information.

The next edition of TRANS-PENNINE will be published in early September. Would all correspondents send their contributions to the Magazine Editor Address on the front cover) by not later than Friday 14th.August 1981.All contributions will be gratefully received.