AbRail Rail Databases - Rail Franchises /Operators (Revised March 2016)


Code Trading Name Franchise held by Operating Company Franchise Name Owning Group End of Franchise
AGA Greater Anglia Abellio Greater Anglia Ltd. Abellio Greater Anglia Ltd. Greater Anglia Abellio (owned by NS) Oct 2025
ASR ScotRail Abellio Scotrail Abellio ScotRail Ltd. ScotRail Abellio Mar 2022
ATW Arriva Trains Wales Arriva Trains Ltd. Arriva Trains Wales/Trenau Arriva Cymru Ltd. Wales & Borders Arriva (Deutsche Bahn) Oct 2018
BOK Bo'ness & Kinneil   Scottish Railway Preservation Society   Scottish Railway Preservation Society  
C2C c2c Trenitalia c2c Rail Ltd. Essex Thameside Trenitalia Italy Nov 2029
CAL Caledonian Sleeper Services Serco Serco Caledonian Sleeper Services   April 2030
CRW Chiltern Railways Arriva Chiltern Railway Co. Ltd. Chiltern Railways Arriva (owned by DB) Dec 2021
XRL Crossrail MTR Corporation (Crossrail) Ltd. MTR Corporation (Crossrail) Ltd. TfL Rail MTR Corporation (Commence 31.05.2015) May 2023
DBC DB Cargo   Deutsche Bahn AG   Deutsche Bahn AG  
DBS DB Schenker   Deutsche Bahn AG   Deutsche Bahn AG  
DBR DB Regio   Deutsche Bahn AG   Deutsche Bahn AG  
DRS Direct Rail Services   Direct Rail Services   Direct Rail Services  
EMT East Midlands Trains East Midlands Trains Ltd. Stagecoach Group East Midlands Trains Stagecoach Mar 2019
EU2 Europorte 2   Eurotunnel   Eurotunnel  
EUS Eurostar   Eurostar International Ltd.   Eurostar Open Access
FCC First Capital Connect First Capital Connect Ltd. First Capital Connect Ltd. Thameslink/Great Northern First Sept 2014
FLR Freightliner   Freightliner Ltd.   Freightliner Ltd.  
FTP First TransPennine Express First/Keolis TransPennine Holdings Ltd. First/Keolis TransPennine Ltd. First TransPennine Express First and Keolis Mar 2023
GBR GB Railfreight   GB Railfreight   Europorte  
GSW Great Scottish & Western   Great Scottish & Western Railway Ltd   Orient Express Hotels Ltd.  
GTL Grand Central   Grand Central Railway Co. Ltd.   Arriva (owned by DB) Open Access
GTR Thameslink/Southern/GN Govia Thameslink Railway GoVia (Go-Ahead and Keolis j.v.) Govia Thameslink Railway GoVia (Go-Ahead and Keolis j.v.) Sept 2021
GWR Great Western First Greater Western Ltd. First Greater Western Ltd. Great Western Rly First April 2020
HEC Heathrow Connect   Heathrow Connect Ltd   Heathrow Airport Ltd./Forst Open Access
HEX Heathrow Express   Heathrow Express Operating Co. Ltd.   Heathrow Airport Ltd. Open Access
FHT First Hull Trains   Hull Trains Ltd.   First and Renaissance Trains j.v. Open Access
ICE East Coast Directly Operated Railways Ltd. East Coast Main Line Co. Ltd. InterCity East Coast DOR (owned by DfT) Feb 2015
LOG London Overground Arriva (Deutsche Bahn) London Rail London Overground Arriva (Deutsche Bahn) May 2024
LMI London Midland London & Birmingham Railway Ltd. London & Birmingham Railway Ltd. West Midlands GoVia (Go-Ahead and Keolis j.v.) Oct 2017
MER Merseyrail Merseyrail (2002) Ltd. Merseyrail (2002) Ltd. Merseyrail Serco/Abellio (owned by NS) July 2028
NOR Northern Rail Northern Rail Ltd. Northern Rail Ltd. Northern Rail Serco & Abellio j.v. Mar 2016
NOR Northern   Arriva (Deutsche Bahn) Northern Arriva (Deutsche Bahn) Mar 2025
NRL Network Rail   Network Rail   Network Rail  
NYM North Yorkshire Moors Railway   North Yorkshire Moors Railway Ltd.      
OSS Support Vehicles   Various companies   Various companies  
RAF Railfilms   Railfilms Ltd.   Railfilms Ltd.  
RIV Riviera Trains   Riviera Trains Ltd.   Riviera Trains Ltd.  
SET Southeastern Trains London & South Eastern Railway Ltd. London & South Eastern Railway Ltd. South Eastern GoVia (Go-Ahead and Keolis j.v.) June 2018
SIL Island Line Stagecoach South Western Trains Ltd. Stagecoach South Western Trains Ltd. Island Line Stagecoach April 2019
SNB SNCB          
SNF SNCF          
SSS Charter Stock   Various companies   Various companies  
SWT South Western MTR South West Railway MTR South West Railway South Western Railway First Group/MTR Aug 2024
TPE Trans Pennine Express First Group First Trans Pennine Express TransPennine Express First Group Mar 2023
VEC East Coast Virgin/Stagecoach Inter City East Coast East Coast Virgin/Stagecoach Mar 2023
VSO Venice-Simplon Orient Express   V.S.O.E   Orient Express Hotels Ltd.  
VTN Vintage Trains   Vintage Trains   Birmingham Railway Museum Trust  
VWC Virgin Trains Virgin Rail Group Ltd. West Coast Trains InterCity West Coast Virgin Rail Group (Stagecoach & Virgin Group j.v. Apr 2019
WCR West Coast Partnership   West Coast Railway Co. Ltd.   West Coast Railway Co. Ltd. Open Access
WMT West Midland Trains West Midland Trains West Midland Trains   West Midlands Railway
London North Western
AXC Cross Country XC Trains Ltd. XC Trains Ltd. New Cross Country Arriva (owned by DB) Dec 2019