AbRail Rail Databases - Vehicle Stock Codes	
Coaching Stock - DMU's - EMU's - Southern Region Units - etc.
(revised July 2015)
Vehicle Type Codes  LHCS
nb. S can refer to Second Class or Standard Class depending on age of vehicle.
B          Brake - Bogie - Non gangwayed
BAA        Container Van
BAR        Pullman Bar Second
BARC       Pullman Bar Counter Car
BBR        Buffet Bar
BC         Booth Car
BC         Brake Composite - Non gangwayed
BCK        Brake Composite - Corridor
BCL        Brake Composite with Lavatory - Non gangwayed
BCV        BRUTE Carrying Van
BF         Brake First - Non gangwayed
BFB        Bogie Bullion Flat Wagon        
BFK        Brake First Corridor
BFL        Brake First with Lavatory - Non gangwayed
BFO        Brake First Open
BG         Brake Gangwayed Bogie (Full brake)
BP         Brake Gangwayed - Pigeon Van 
BGZ        Brake 6 wheeled - Gangwayed
BM         Brake Milk Traffic
BPK        Brake Power Kitchen        
BPOT       Brake Post Office Stowage Van
BPV        Brake Pigeon Van        
BS         Brake Second - Non gangwayed
BSK        Brake Second Corridor
BSL        Brake Second with Lavatory - Non gangwayed
BSO        Brake Standard Open
BSOT       Brake Standard Open Tourist
BT         Brake Third - Non gangwayed
BTL        Brake Third with Lavatory - Non gangwayed    
BTO        Brake Third Open      
BUO        Brake Unclassified Open (Sleeper Club Car)
BVHS       Brake Van Super Gangwayed
BY         Brake 4 wheeled - Non gangwayed
BZ         Brake 6 wheeled - Non gangwayed 
C          Composite - Non gangwayed
CAF        Cafeteria Car
CCT        Covered Carriage Truck - 4 wheeled
CCTB       Covered Carriage Truck - Bogie
CK         Composite Corridor
CL         Composite with Lavatory - Non gangwayed
CO         Composite Open
COU        Courier Vehicle
CPC        Pullman Composite Parlour Car
CTO        Open Carriage Truck - 4 wheeled
DBSO       Driving Brake Open Standard
DEP        Departmental (non standard code)
DLV        Driving Brake Van
DVT        Driving Van Trailer
EBV        Eurostar Barrier Vehicle
EXV        Exhibition Vehicle
F          First - Non gangwayed
FISH       Fish Van - 4 wheeled
FK         First Corridor
FL         First with Lavatory - Non gangwayed
FO         First Open
FOD        First Open Disabled
FOT        First Open (Trolley/Buffet)
FVV        Carflat 10 ton      
FRUITD     Ventilated Fruit Van - 4 wheeled
GEN        Generator Van
GUV        General Utility Van - 4 or 8 wheeled - Non gangwayed
HB         Horse Box - 4 wheeled
HGUV       Super General Utility Van
HSBV       HST Barrier Vehicle
HSMV       High Security Letter Mail Van
ICS        InterCity Saloon
IFV        Insulated Fish Van 
K          Corridor      
KB         Kitchen/Buffet - Large - no seating
KBG        Brake Gangwayed with Kitchen
LFK        Lounge First Corridor       
MFBV       Mark IV Barrier Vehicle
MLW        Motorail Loading Vehicle
MRCF       Motorail Car Flat
MRV        Motorail Van/Car Carrier
MUBV       Multiple Unit Barrier Vehicle
NGV        Nightstar Generator Vehicle
NPV        Newspaper Van
NVA        Car Carrier
OBS        Observation Coach
O          No compartments
OCT        Open Carriage Truck
PCK        Pullman Composite Parlour with Kitchen
PCP        Pullman Composite Parlour
PCV        Propelling Control Vehicle         
PFB        Pullman First Brake
PFK        Pullman Parlour First with Kitchen
PFL        Pullman First Lounge Bar
PFO        Pullman First Open
PFP        Pullman First Parlour
PKC        Pullman Kitchen Composite
PMV        Parcels and Miscellaneous Van - 4 wheeled - Non gangwayed
PO         Pullman Open First (GNER Mk.4)
POD        Pullman Open First with Disabled facility (GNER Mk.4)
POS        Post Office Sorting Van
POT        Post Office Stowage Van
POTB       Post Office Stowage Van with brake  
PSB        Pullman Standard Brake
PSG        Gangwayed Brake - without Emergency Equipment
PSK        Pullman Second Kitchen
PSP        Pullman Second Parlour
PTB        Pullman Third Brake
PTP        Pullman Third Parlour
PTR        Pullman Third Diner
PUL        Pullman Original Stock
PVG        Packing Van - gangwayed
QSA        EMU Translator Van
QXA        Generator Car
RB         Restaurant Buffet
RBK        Restaurant Buffet - Large Kitchen (re-built from RF)
RBR        Restaurant Buffet - Refurbished
RBS        Restaurant Buffet - (re-built from RU)
RC         Restaurant Composite
RCAF       Restaurant Cafeteria
RCO        Restaurant Composite Open (Loose Chairs)
RE         Restaurant Griddle Car (sometimes listed as RG)
RF         Restaurant First (with Kitchen)
RFB        Restaurant First Buffet
RFM        Restaurant First Modular
RFO        Restaurant First Open - No Kitchen - Loose chairs
RG         Restaurant Griddle (sometimes listed as RE)
RGB        Restaurant Griddle/Buffet
RK         Restaurant Kitchen Car - No servery
RKB        Restaurant Kitchen Buffet - No seats
RLB        Restaurant Lounge Buffet
RLO        Sleeper Reception Car
RMB        Restaurant Miniature Buffet (Second open)
RMBF       Restaurant Miniature Buffet First
RMBT       Restaurant Miniature Buffet (Trolley/Buffet)
ROY        Royal Train Coach
RS         Restaurant Second
RSB        Restaurant Standard Buffet
RSM        Restaurant Standard Buffet Modular
RSO        Restaurant Standard Open
RSP        Restaurant Second Pantry
RSS        Restaurant Self Service
RT         Restaurant Third
RTO        Third Open used for dining purposes   
RTP        Restaurant Third Pantry
RTS        Restaurant Kitchen - Triple Articulated
RU         Restaurant Either Class - Kitchen
RUB        Restaurant Unclassified with small buffet counter 
RUK        Restaurant Unclassified Kitchen 
RUO        Restaurant Unclassified Open (no kitchen)
S          Second - non gangwayed
SAL        Saloon
SCC        Sleeper Club Coach
SCV        Special Cattle Van
SD         Saloon Discotheque
SDV        Sandite Coach
SE         Seated Coach - Eurostar
Semi FO    Semi-open First
Semi SO    Semi-open Second
SF         Saloon First
SHV        Special Heating Vehicle
SI         Saloon Invalid
SK         Standard Corridor
SL         Sleeper Coach - Eurostar
SL         Second with Lavatory - Non gangwayed
SLB        Security Bullion Van
SLC        Sleeper Composite
SLCT       Sleeper Composite (twin berth second class)
SLE        Sleeper - Either Class
SLED       Sleeper - Either Class with disabled facilities
SLEP       Sleeper - Either Class with Pantry
SLF        Sleeper First
SLK        Sleeper Composite
SLO        Standard Open with Lavatory - Non gangwayed        
SLS        Sleeper Second
SLSC       Sleeper Support Coach
SLSP       Sleeper Second with Pantry
SLST       Sleeper Second Twin Berth
SLSTP      Sleeper Standard Twin Berth with Pantry
SLT        Sleeper Third
SLTP       Sleeper Third with Attendant's compartment              
SLV        Bullion Van
SO         Standard Open (2+1 seating)
SONG       Second Open - non gangwayed
SPV        Special Parcels Van  
SS         Saloon Second
SSV        Staff/Service Vehicle
ST         Saloon Third
SV         Service Vehicle - Restaurant Car
SYPHONG    Milk Van - 4 wheeled
T          Third - Non gangwayed          
TBSO       Tourist Second Open with bucket seats   
TBTO       Tourist Third Open with bucket seats   
TCC        Trailer Composite Catering    
TCSD       Trailer Conductor Standard with disabled facilities (HST)
TCV        Two Tier Car Transporter Van (Newton Chambers)8 wheeled
TF         Trailer First Open (HST)
TFD        Trailer First Disabled (HST)
TGS        Trailer Guard Standard (HST)
TK         Corridor Third
TL         Third with Lavatory - Non gangwayed 
TLUK       Trailer Executive Saloon 
TO         Third Open 
TOD        Tourist Open Standard - Disabled Access
TOE        Tourist Open Standard - End Coach
TRB        Trailer Restaurant Buffet
TRFB       Trailer Restaurant First Buffet (HST)
TRFK       Trailer Restaurant First Kitchen (HST)
TRSB       Trailer Restaurant Standard Buffet (HST)
TRFM       Trailer Restaurant First - Modular (HST)
TRUB       Trailer Restaurant Unclassified Buffet (HST)
TRUK       Trailer Restaurant Unclassified Kitchen (HST)
TS         Trailer Standard Open (HST)
TSC        Trailer Standard Composite
TSK        Trailer Standard Composite (HST) 
TSO        Tourist Standard Open (2+2 seating)
TSOB       Tourist Standard Open with Buffet
TSOD       Tourist Standard Open Disabled
TSOE       Tourist Standard Open End Coach
TSOT       Tourist Standard Open (Trolley/Micro Buffet)
TTO        Tourist Third Open
Twin SLC   Sleeper Composite - Twin articulated
Twin SLF   Sleeper First - Twin articulated
VFV        Ventilated Fruit Van        
XX         Unclassified
Vehicle Type Codes - Multiple Units
nb. On older vehicles the S referred to Second Class
ATC         Auxiliary Equipment Trailer Composite 
ATS         Auxiliary Equipment Trailer Standard 
BDB         Battery Driving Brake 
BDBSO       Battery Driving Trailer Brake Standard Open
BDMBSO       Battery Driving Motor Brake Standard Open
BDMSO       Battery Driving Motor Standard Open
BDSO        Brake Driving Standard Open        
BDT         Battery Driving Trailer 
BDTBSO      Battery Driving Trailer Brake Open 
BDTC        Battery Driving Trailer Composite
BDTCL       Battery Driving Trailer Composite with Lavatory  
BDTCOL      Battery Driving Trailer Composite Open with Lavatory 
BDTCsoL     Battery Driving Trailer Composite (Standard Open) with Lavatory
BDTLV       Battery Driving Trailer Luggage Van
BDTPMV      Battery Driving Trailer Parcels Vehicle        
BDTS        Battery Driving Trailer Standard 
BDTSO       Battery Driving Trailer Standard Open 
BDTSOL      Battery Driving Trailer Standard Open with Lavatory
BDTsoL      Battery Driving Trailer Standard Semi-Open with Lavatory
DHBS        Driving Half Brake Second
DBTSO       Driving Brake Trailer Standard Open 
DM          Driving Motor 
DMB         Driving Motor Brake
DMBBS       Driving Motor Brake Standard - Battery
DMBC        Driving Motor Brake Composite
DMBCL       Driving Motor Brake Composite with Lavatory
DMBF        Driving Motor Brake First
DMBFL       Driving Motor Brake First with Lavatory               
DMBS        Driving Motor Brake Standard 
DMBSK       Driving Motor Brake Standard with Compartments
DMBSL       Driving Motor Brake Standard with Lavatory
DMBSO       Driving Motor Brake Standard Open
DMBT        Driving Motor Brake Third
DMBTO       Driving Motor Brake Third Open
DMC         Driving Motor Composite        
DMCL        Driving Motor Composite with Lavatory 
DMBSO(T)    Driving Motor Brake Standard Open (Refurbished)     
DMCO        Driving Motor Composite 
DMDS        Driving Motor Standard with disabled accommodation 
DMF         Driving Motor First Open
DMFLO       Driving Motor First Open with Lavatory  
DMLFO       Driving Motor Lounge Open First 
DMLV        Driving Motor Luggage Van 
DMPMV       Driving Motor Parcels Miscellaneous Van
DMRFK       Driving Motor First with Kitchen
DMRFO       Driving Motor Restaurant First Open
DMS         Driving Motor Standard 
DMSBSO      Driving Motor Saloon Brake Standard Open 
DMSK        Driving Motor Standard Corridor
DMSL        Driving Motor Standard with Lavatory 
DMSO        Driving Motor Standard Open 
DT          Driving Trailer 
DTB         Driving Trailer Brake
DTBC        Driving Trailer Brake Composite
DTBS        Driving Trailer Brake Standard 
DTBSO       Driving Trailer Brake Standard Open
DTBSO(T)    Driving Trailer Brake Standard Open with trolley counter  
DTC         Driving Trailer Composite  
DTCL        Driving Trailer Composite with Lavatory 
DTCO        Driving Trailer Composite Open 
DTCoL       Driving Trailer Composite Semi-Open with Lavatory 
DTCOL       Driving Trailer Composite Open with Lavatory 
DTF         Driving Trailer First
DTFso       Driving Trailer First Semi-Open
DTFsoL      Driving Trailer First Semi-Open with Lavatory
DTLV        Driving Trailer Luggage Vehicle 
DTMPV       Driving Trailer Parcels Vehicle
DTS         Driving Trailer Standard 
DTSL        Driving Trailer Standard with Lavatory 
DTSO        Driving Trailer Standard Open 
DTSOL       Driving Trailer Standard Open with Lavatory
DTSso       Driving Trailer Standard Semi-Open
DTSsol      Driving Trailer Standard Semi-Open with Lavatory 
DTV         Driving Trailer Van
GLV         Gatwick Luggage Van 
M           Motor 
MB          Motor Brake 
MBLS        Motor Brake Restaurant/Buffet Luggage Standard
MBRSM       Motor Brake Restaurant/Buffet Standard - Modular 
MBC         Motor Brake Composite
MBS         Motor Brake Standard
MBSK        Motor Brake Standard Corridor
MBSO        Motor Brake Standard Open
MBSOT       Motor Brake Standard Open - Refurbished
MBSOL(T)    Motor Brake Standard with Lavatory and trolley counter 
MC          Motor Composite
MCO         Motor Composite Open
MCLRMB      Motor composite with Lavatory and Miniature Buffet 
MCRMB       Motor composite with Miniature Buffet 
MFL         Motor First with Lavatory
MFLRK       Motor First with Kitchen and Lavatory
MFO         Motor First Open
MFOD        Motor First with Disabled Accommodation  
MFL         Motor First with Lavatory 
MKS         Motor Kitchen Standard
MLSO        Motor Luggage Standard Open
MLSRB       Motor Luggage Standard Open with Restaurant/Buffet       
MLV         Motor Luggage Van 
MPMV        Motor Parcels Vehicle
MPSL        Motor Pullman Standard with Lavatory   
MRBS        Motor Restaurant Buffet Standard 
MS          Motor Standard 
MSB         Motor Standard Brake  
MSD         Motor Standard with Disabled Accommodation 
MSL         Motor Standard with Lavatory 
MSLRB       Motor Standard with Lavatory and Restaurant/Buffet
MSO         Motor Standard Open
MSOL        Motor Standard Open with Lavatory  
MSOP        Motor Standard Open with Pantograph  
MSORMB      Motor Standard Open with Miniature Buffet
MSRB        Motor Standard with Restaurant/Buffet
MSRMB       Motor Standard with Miniature Buffet
MTFKL       Motor Trailer First Corridor with Lavatory
PBDTSO      Pantograph Battery Driving Trailer Standard Open
PDTSOL      Pantograph Driving Trailer Standard Open with Lavatory
PMB         Pantograph Motor Buffet Standard 
PMS         Pantograph Motor Standard 
PMV         Pantograph Motor Van
PTSL        Pantograph Trailer Standard Luggage
PTBSO       Pantograph Trailer Brake Second Open
PTF         Pantograph Trailer First
PTFL        Pantograph Trailer First with Lavatory
PuTF        Pullman Trailer First 
PTSO        Pantograph Trailer Standard Open 
PTSOL       Pantograph Trailer Standard Open with Lavatory
PTSRMB      Pantograph Trailer Standard with Buffet/Shop 
RB          Restaurant/Buffet 
SU          Sandite Unit Vehicle 
T           Trailer 
TB          Trailer Brake
TAV         Trailer Auxiliary Equipment Van 
TBC         Trailer Brake Composite 
TBCK        Trailer Brake Composite Corridor 
TBF         Trailer Brake First 
TBFK        Trailer Brake First Corridor
TBFL        Trailer Buffet First with Lavatory
TBFKL       Trailer Brake First Corridor with Lavatory
TBSK        Trailer Brake Standard Corridor
TBSKL       Trailer Brake Standard Corridor with Lavatory
TBS         Trailer Brake Second
TBSL        Trailer Brake Second with Lavatory
TBSO        Trailer Brake Standard Open
TBSOL       Trailer Brake Standard Open with Lavatory
TC          Trailer Composite          
TCK         Trailer Composite Corridor
TCKL        Trailer Composite Corridor with Lavatory 
TCO         Trailer Composite Open 
TCOL        Trailer Composite Open with Lavatory 
TCsoL       Trailer Composite Semi-Open with Lavatory 
TF          Trailer First          
TFH         Trailer First Handbrake 
TFK         Trailer First Corridor
TFKL        Trailer First Corridor with Lavatory
TFKRB       Trailer First with Kitchen and Restaurant/Buffet
TFL         Trailer First with Lavatory
TFLRB       Trailer First with Lavatory and Restaurant/Buffet
TFLRK       Trailer First with Lavatory and Restaurant/Kitchen
TFO         Trailer First Open
TFOL        Trailer First Open with Lavatory        
TFOLH       Trailer First Open with Lavatory and Handbrake 
TFP         Trailer First with Pantry       
TG          Trailer Griddle
TGS         Trailer Guard Standard 
TLV         Trailer Luggage Van
TPMV        Trailer Parcels Motor Vehicle
TRB         Trailer Buffet Unclassified
TRBFK       Trailer Restaurant First with Buffet
TRBS        Trailer Restaurant Second with Buffet 
TRFB        Trailer Restaurant Buffet First
TRUB        Trailer Restaurant Buffet Unclassified 
TRUK        Trailer Unclassified Kitchen
TS          Trailer Standard 
TSC         Trailer Standard Compartment
TSD         Trailer Standard with Disabled Toilet 
TSH         Trailer Standard Handbrake 
TSL         Trailer Standard with Lavatory 
TSLRB       Trailer Standard with Lavatory and Buffet
TSO         Trailer Standard Open 
TSo         Trailer Standard Semi-Open 
TSOL        Trailer Standard Open with Lavatory 
TSOLH       Trailer Standard Open with Lavatory and Handbrake 
TSRB        Trailer Standard Restaurant Buffet 
TSRMBL      Trailer Standard with Miniature Buffet and Lavatory
TSSL        Trailer Saloon Standard with Lavatory
TSSO        Trailer Second Semi-open
TSW         Trailer Standard with Wheelchair Accommodation
TT          Trailer Third
TTO         Trailer Third Open
TU          Trailer Unclassified
Southern Railway/Region Electric Multiple Unit Types
SR/BR		Tops	Description	
CP		n/a	Two and Three Car Crystal Palace Unit (Ex LBSCR)
CW		n/a	Five Car Coulsdon North/Sutton Unit (Ex LBSCR)
SL		n/a  	Two and Three Car South London Line Unit (Ex LBSCR)
2		n/a	Two Car Trailer Set - Various Sub Types
2BIL		n/a	Two Car Lavatory Unit (Lavatories in both cars)
2EPB		416	Two Car Suburban Unit with Electro-pneumatic brake and buckeye couplings
2HAL		n/a	Two Car Lavatory Unit (Lavatory in one car only)
2HAP		414	Two Car Lavatory Unit (Lavatory in one car only. 
            		Electro-pneumatic brake and buckeye couplings
2NOL		n/a	Two Car Non-Lavatory Unit
2PAN		n/a 	Two Car Parcels and Newspaper Unit - Ex 2HAL        
2PEP		446	Two Car Unit (Prototype Electro Pneumatic Brake design)
2SAP		418	Two Car Lavatory Unit (Lavatory in one car only. 
            		Electro-pneumatic brake and buckeye couplings. 2nd Class only 
2WIM		n/a	Two Car Wimbledon - West Croydon Line Units (Ex LBSCR)
3CEP		411/9	Three Car Corridor Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit
3CIG		421/4	Three Car Corridor Intermediate Guard Unit
3COP		n/a	Three Car Corridor Open Plan Unit 
3SUB		n/a	Three Car Suburban Unit - Various Sub Types
3TC		492	Three Car Gangwayed Trailer Units (converted from LHCS)
3TIS		486	Three Car Vectis Unit - Ex LUL
4BEP		410	Four Car Buffet Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit
4BEP		412	Four Car Buffet Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit
4BIG		420	Four Car Buffet Intermediate Guard Unit  
4BIG		422	Four Car Buffet Intermediate Guard Unit
4BUF		n/a	Four Car Buffet Unit
4CAP		413	Four Car HAP Unit for Coastway services
4CEP		411/5	Four Car Corridor Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit
4CIG		421	Four Car Corridor Intermediate Guard Unit
4COP		421/7	Four Car Corridor Open Plan Unit 
4COR		n/a	Four Car Unit with corridor throughout
4DD		n/a	Four Car Double Deck Unit
4DES		450	Four Car Desiro Unit
4EPB		415	Four Car Suburban Unit with Electro-pneumatic brake and  buckeye couplings
4GRI		n/a	Four Car Unit with Kitchen Car altered to Griddle Car 
4JOP		458	Four Car Juniper Outer Suburban Unit (Porterbrook)
4LAV		n/a	Four Car Lavatory Unit (Lavatory in one car)
4PEP		445	Four Car Unit (Prototype Electro Pneumatic Brake design)
4PUL		n/a	Four Car Unit with Pullman Car
4REP		430	Four Car Restaurant Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit  
4REP		432	Four Car Restaurant Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit
4RES    	n/a	Four Car Unit with Restaurant Facilities
4SUB      	405	Four Car Suburban Unit - Various Sub Types
4TC       	438	Four Car Trailer Control Unit (converted from LHCS)  
4TC       	491	Four Car Trailer Control Unit (converted from LHCS)  
4TCB		492	Four Car Trailer Control Unit with Buffet Car (converted from LHCS)  
4TCB		498	Four Car Trailer Control Unit with Buffet Car (converted from LHCS)  
4TEP      	482	Four Car Unit with Temporary electro Pneumatic Brake
4VEC      	485	Four Car Vectis Unit - Ex LUL
4VEG      	427	Four Car 4VEP Unit modified for Gatwick Airport services
4VEP      	423	Four Car Vestibuled Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit
4VIP       	423	Four Car 4VEP Unit converted to all Standard class
4VOP      	423/2	Four Car Vestibuled Open Plan Unit
5BEL       	403	Five Car all Pullman Unit for "Brighton Belle"
5WES       	442	Five Car Wessex Electric Stock Unit   
5TCB		492	Five Car Trailer Control Unit with Buffet Car (converted from LHCS)  
5TCB		498	Five Car Trailer Control Unit with Buffet Car (converted from LHCS)  
6CIT       	n/a	Six Car Unit with Pullman Car
6COR       	n/a	Six Car Corridor Unit
6PAN       	n/a	Six Car Unit with Pantry
6PUL       	n/a	Six Car Unit with Pullman Car
6REP       	431	Six Car Restaurant Electro Pneumatic Brake Unit
6TC		n/a	Six Car Trailer Control Unit       
7TC		n/a	Seven Car Unit - Non Gangwayed
8DIG       	422	Eight Car Set (4BIG + 4CIG permanently coupled)
8GAT      	460	Eight Car Juniper Unit for Gatwick services 
8MIG		482	Eight Car Set (Temporary 4BIG + 4CIG)
8VAB		480	Eight Car Set (Temporary from 4VEP unit cars)  
Tops Codes - Passenger Stock
These consist of 4 digits - First two are TOPS code, third is Passenger
Accommodation Class and fourth defines Type (Mark) classification.
AA          Corridor - gangwayed
AB          Corridor Brake - gangwayed
AC          Open 2+2 Seating - gangwayed
AD          Open 2+1 Seating - gangwayed
AE          Open Brake - gangwayed
AF          Driving Open Brake - gangwayed
AG          Griddle/Micro Buffet
AH          Buffet Kitchen Brake Micro Buffet
AI          Open 2+2 Seating with gangway at one end and drop head buckeye coupling
AJ          Restaurant Buffet with Kitchen
AK          Kitchen Car
AL          Open 2+2 Seating with Disabled Toilet (Mk 4)
AM          Restaurant Open
AN          Miniature Buffet/Self service
AO          Private Owner
AP          Pullman with Kitchen
AQ          Sleeping Car with Disabled Toilet
AR          Private Owner Brake
AS          Sleeping Stock
AT          Royal Train Stock
AU          Sleeping Car with Pantry
AV          Mark 4 Barrier Vehicle
AW          Multiple Unit Barrier Vehicle
AX          Generator Van
AY          Eurostar Barrier Vehicle
AZ          Special Saloon
GF          DMU/EMU Barrier Vehicle - Mk 4
GH          Open (HST)
GJ          Open with Guard's Area (HST)
GK          Restaurant Buffet with Kitchen (HST)
GL          Kitchen Car (HST)
GM          Lounge with Kitchen (HST)
GN          Restaurant Buffet (HST)
GS          Barrier Vehicle (HST)
GX          Generator Van (HST)
Passenger Accommodation Classes
1           First
2           Standard (formerly Second)
3           Composite (First & Standard)
4           Unclassified
5           None
Vehicle (Mark) Classes
0           Pre-Nationalisation of Ex Wagon Stock
1           Mark 1
A           Mark 2a
B           Mark 2b
C           Mark 2c
D           Mark 2d
E           Mark 2e
F           Mark 2f
G*          Mark 3/3a
H*          Mark 3b
J           Mark 4
Z           Mark 2
* Only HST Vehicles are Mark 3 - Loco Hauled Stock is either Mark 3a or
Mark 3b
Tops Codes - Non Passenger Stock
These consist of 4 digits - First two are TOPS code, third defines the
brake type and fourth defines Type (Mark) classification
NA          Gangwayed Brake - 90 mph Steam Heat
            OR Propelling Control Vehicle
NB          High Security Gangwayed Brake 100 mph
            OR Gangwayed Brake with Roller Shutter Doors 100 mph
NC          Gangwayed Brake - Newspapers
ND          Gangwayed Brake 90 mph
NE          Gangwayed Brake 100/110 mph
NF          Gangwayed Brake - Emergency Equipment Removed 100 mph
NG          Motorail flat OR Motorail Loading Ramp
NH          Gangwayed Brake 100 mph
NI          Gangwayed Brake with Roller Shutter Doors 110 mph
NJ          General Utility Van 90 mph
NK          General Utility Van with hinged beams for BRUTE Traffic 90 mph
            OR General Utility Van with Roller Shutter Doors 100 mph
NL          Newspaper Packing Van
NM          Sandite Car
NN          Newspaper Courier Van
NO          General Utility Van - ETH wired 100 mph
NP          General Utility Van - Post Office/Motorail 100 mph
NQ          General Utility Van - Modified Brake Blocks 110 mph
NR          BAA Container Van
NS          Post Office Sorting Van
NT          Post Office Stowage Van
NU          Brake Post Office Stowage Van
NV          Side Loading Car Carrier
NW          EWS Barrier Vehicle
NX          Motorail Van 100 mph
NY          Exhibition Van
NZ          Driving Van Trailer
Brake Types
A           Air
E           Electro-Pneumatic
V           Vacuum
X           Dual Air and Vacuum
Vehicle Mark Classes
As Passenger Stock codes

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